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Welcome to issue seven of the CMU Weekly. Who'd have thought, all those weeks ago, that we'd still be here now running through the latest music news and happenings? The world was a very different place back then. Banks were privately owned, petrol cost nearly £1.50 a litre and Never Mind The Buzzcocks was still a show with two regular team captains. If you tried to tell the kids of today that, though, they'd just laugh in your face.

So, anyway, the world may be an ever-changing place, but CMU Weekly is as solid and dependable as ever. We know what's important in life - knowing all the latest news from the world of music, what's been said, what bands you should be listening to and what videos you should be watching. And if there's a fantastic competition prize to be won, then all the better.

And there is a fantastic competition prize to be won, by the way. We have a pair of tickets to Hexstatic's upcoming show at the IMAX, along with a load of copies of their new CD/DVD compilation, featuring some of their finest audio-visual work, spanning over a decade.

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So, let the trial begin. Again. The jury has been selected for the second murder trial of legendary music producer Phil Spector. Jury selection began on Monday, and yesterday a final line up acceptable to both sides in the trial was agreed including seven men and five women. A shortlist of six alternate jurors were also being selected in case one of the main jury members had to drop out. The trial is now expected to kick off next Wednesday, and could run into the New Year. Spector is accused of shooting dead former actress Lana Clarkson at his Beverly Hills home in 2003 - he claims she shot herself. The jury at the original trial couldn't reach a unanimous conclusion as to Spector's innocence or guilt, leading to a mistrial to be called.
Lil Wayne's assistant has testified in a criminal case against the rapper relating to a police search of his tour bus back in July 2007. A police officer claims that when she boarded Wayne's bus having smelled marijuana, she discovered the hip hopper trying to hide a gun. Wayne's lawyer is trying to have the gun charges against the rapper dismissed, mainly by arguing that there was no marijuana smell and that the police therefore boarded the bus on false pretences. Anyway, Wayne's assistant Terry Bourgeois was this week asked under oath whether he had seen dope smoking or guns on the rapper's tour bus. He responded by saying he had, on occasion, seen a handgun and people smoking marijuana on the bus. However, he added that he'd never actually seen his boss with a gun, and that he didn't know whether there had been a gun on the bus on the day it was police searched.
The man facing criminal copyright infringement charges for posting tracks from long awaited Guns N Roses album 'Chinese Democracy' online was in an LA court on Monday where he pleaded not guilty guvnor. Despite reportedly previously admitting that he uploaded the tracks to his blog, he claims he is not guilty of the specific charges currently being made against him. If he is found guilty he could face 3-5 years in prison, depending on whether the courts feel he made any commercial gain out of the infringement. A date for Coghill's trial is tbc, though a UK release date for the long long long awaited release of 'Chinese Democracy' has now been announced - 24 Nov.
Phew, it's been a bit of a court-heavy week, this week. Continuing on that theme, the jurors in Britney Spears' trial for driving without a valid California licence failed to reach a verdict after eight hours deliberation, causing the judge to declare a mistrial. The foreman of the jury said that they had failed to reach a decision after three votes, adding that they were stuck at 10 - 2, but we don't know which group were finding in the star's favour. Asked by the judge, James A Steele, what could be done to reach a verdict, the foreman replied: "I think with each return to the assembly room, everyone becomes more entrenched in their position".
Katy Perry has been criticised for posing with a three inch flick knife in a photo shoot. The picture, taken by acclaimed fashion photographer Terry Richardson, was shot for potential promotional use but later rejected. However, it has subsequently shown up online, causing some to denounce the singer for setting a bad example at a time when knife crime is a hot topic in the press. Her US publicist told MTV: "Katy Perry is against all violence. The photo in question was taken in 2005 and is in no way related to the current events in the UK".

The Long Blondes have announced that they have split up, following a stroke suffered by guitarist Dorian Cox back in June. Writing on the band's MySpace blog, Cox said: "We have decided to call it a day. The main reason for this is that I suffered from a stroke in June and unfortunately I do not know when / if I will be well enough to play guitar again. On behalf of the band I'd like to say a big thank you to anyone who ever came to one of our shows, bought one of our records or danced to one of our songs in a club. Thank you, if it wasn't for you the whole thing would have been pointless. Finally on a personal note, thanks for all your well wishing messages".

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Hexstatic release a new CD and DVD set featuring some of their finest audio-visual magic on 1 Dec, entitled 'Videos, Remixes & Rarites'. Spanning over a decade of pioneering music and video, the compilation will include everything from their early experimentation with Coldcut, including the 'Natural Rhythms Trilogy 1996-98', on through cut-up classics like 'Ninja Tune', through world psych-funk on 'Salvador', from their 3D album 'Masterview', and up to last year's 'When Robots Go Bad'.

Before that, the duo will be hosting a launch party for the compilation at the IMAX in London on 15 Nov, with support from Light Surgeons and D-Fuse. Hexstatic videos on a 70ft screen with a 11,600-watt digital surround-sound system? That's so exciting it makes me want to cry.



We have one pair of tickets to the IMAX show and a copy of 'Videos, Remixes & Rarities' for one lucky reader, along with five copies of the compilation for runners up. To be in with a chance of getting you hands on these great prizes, just email with your name and address by 31 Oct.

You can pre-order 'Videos, Remixes & Rarities' from Amazon here

Look what they won...
Well done to all of the following for winning past CMU Weekly competitions, hurrah!
Finger Lickin CD Winners: Mark Reeve, Ryan Chenery, Paul Ingelby, Sarah McIntyre, Alex Maxwell

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Morrissey announces his autobiography: "So much crap is written about me, and it's quite hard to live with sometimes because it all gets burned down in history and becomes part of your legacy ... with every printed interview there's lots of misquotes and lots of them are really silly and really extreme and you have to live with them for the rest of your life. So [the autobiography is] setting the record straight"


Boyzone apologise for Shane Lynch's drunken, sweary, fighty behaviour at the MTV European Music Awards in 2000: "We'd like to take this opportunity to apologise. As a band we are really keen to bury the hatchet and would love to attend this year's event in Liverpool next month to present an award and move on"


Jane's Addiction bassist Eric Avery on the band's latest reformation: "We never know what the future has in store for us; especially with this band. But, at least right now Jane's Addiction has a future that one would have to call somewhat promising. We are a great band"


Keane's Tom Chaplin on criticism of his band: "I don't like the tag of being seen as bland because you can't really listen to our music and think that, so it is frustrating. I love the fact that [first single off latest album 'Perfect Symmetry'] 'Spiralling' was the first track we had done that really divided opinion. It was such a bold thing musically that you couldn't sit on the fence"


Russell Brand on death threats after calling George Bush a retard at the MTV Video Music Awards: "[Hosting the awards] was a lot of fun, especially the death threat. If you are going to kill someone, don't give them advance notice, that gives you a chance to prepare. How can you, while watching the telly, think 'Oh, I don't enjoy this. No, I'm not enjoying this at all. Right, I'm going to kill him'. That's a huge jump"


Syd Little of seafront comedy duo Little & Large on getting a call from Robbie Williams: "I couldn't believe it when Robbie rang me up. I just thought it was Bobby Davro winding me up doing an impression. [He] then went on to say that he had recurring dreams, almost nightmares, which involved Little & Large but, now that he'd spoken to me, the dream had been broken"

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  Band of the week, Stars & Sons. The debut single, 'In The Ocean', is out on 17 Nov via Alcopop! Records. The song is so good that Scarlett Johanson has appeared in the video. Well, I think they've used some special effects to insert her, but it's very clever stuff. You'd think she was really there -

Early Madonna recordings. Recordings of Madonna singing and talking in the late seventies, made by her then boyfriend Dan Gilroy and his brother Ed in a New York basement have appeared online, courtesy of the singer's biographer, Andrew Morton -

  Ceremony. Hailing from the fantastically named Frederiksburg, Virginia, Ceremony are a duo making fiery, shattering shoe gaze with a primitive list of instruments, namely just guitars and a drum machine, which they presumably hook up through a maze of effects pedals -

  Free Eels live EP. To celebrate the release of Eels' 'Blinking Lights & Other Revelations' deluxe vinyl box set, the band are giving away a free live EP to download from their website for one week -
  Prince And Pearl. A solo artist, sometime 8-piece band, New York's Prince and Pearl have produced a striking funeral ballad in 'Not A Gun', a humming, rousing mix of alto sax and blackly seductive harmonies -
  I, Axl: An American Dream. So, as we draw ever closer to the release of Guns N' Roses' 'Chinese Democracy', we have been very much enjoying former CMU columnist Ben Myers' re-imagining of the life of Axl Rose from smalltown boy to world famous rock star via the medium of poetry, entitled 'I Axl: An American Dream' -
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  Q1 How did you start out making music?
SNEAKY SOUND SYSTEM: "In a dodgy band at school. The first song we attempted was 'Shout' by Tears For Fears and then 'Town Called Malice' by The Jam. Everything sounded so shit we decided to make up our own song, which we thought sounded marvellous. Of course it wasn't marvellous at all, but at least it was a start"

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  Q2 What inspired your single?
SYLIVIA TOSUN: "At the time I was writing 'Underlying Feeling', I was in a new relationship and experiencing the feeling of really falling in love with someone. I was compelled to look up the word 'love' in the dictionary - I wanted to know what the literal meaning was. Interestingly, one of the definitions of love was "an underlying feeling of oneness" and that definition inspired the concept. Then, I set out to write verses that described the moment of falling in love

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  Q3 What process do you go through in creating a track?
THE RAVEONETTES: "I do everything at home 'cause I like the environment and the fact that it's free and available. I write and record during the day and go out at night. I write very spontaneously and fast, I enjoy the rush"

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  Q4 Which artists influence your work?
OUR BROTHER THE NATIVE: "Television and trees. How trees look so much prettier on the television than outside in my front yard. I have too many artists to name that have inspired me. I guess anybody who is dark and gloomy and makes me feel right at home. Britney Spears"

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  Q5 What would you say to someone experiencing your music for the first time?
YOU ME AT SIX: "See, I told you it wasn't that bad!"

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  Q6 What are your ambitions for your latest single, and for the future?
HOOODOO SCOUNDRELS: "Well this single is just the beginning for us, we like it a lot but we also think we've got a lot more in us as writers and as players. We love playing live and that is getting better all the time - we hope this single will get people's attention and make sure they're watching when we come back with the next thing. And from there, well, we want to become a great band, see all the hard work pay off, and reach as many people as you can as a band both with albums and live shows. We're in it for the long run and have a lot of ambition"

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This week, Christopher George Latore Wallace aka Biggie Smalls, Big Poppa, Frank White, and, most commonly, Notorious B.I.G.

Still dead.

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